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MIB-80™ Manual Inspection Booth

Standard Configuration MIB-80™ with Corian Armrest

MIB-80™ Dual-Sided Floor Standing Manual Inspection Booth with inspection lamps

The MIB-80™ is the entry level, Floor standing inspection booth. This unit is similar to the more popular MIB-100™ system but with fewer features. The MIB-80 is designed to provide a uniform illumination work envelope and consistent inspection environment in a Top / Bottom Lighting configuration for Laboratory or Production QA. The MIB-80 implements an ergonomic design with a 10 Litre inspection volume in which light intensity is held within 10%. The MIB-80 also provides a "Master Intensity Control" to adjust illumination intensity. The MIB-80™ does not offer the Pacer Function or PLC controls. 

Standard Configuration MIB-80™ with Corian Armrest

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