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MIB-100™ Manual Inspection Booth

MIB-100™ with Corian curved armrest

MIB-100™ Dual-Sided Floor Standing Manual Inspection Booth with inspection lamps

The MIB-100™ is our most popular Manual Inspection Booth and it has become the worldwide industry standard for Manual Inspection Booths. The MIB-100™ is a floor-standing unit that can be ordered with an extensive list of optional equipment. The standard configuration includes PLC, Operator Interface, Pacer Control with LED indicators, Corian© curve front armrest, and heavy-duty casters. Optional equipment includes stainless steel armrest, adjustable or fixed stainless steel side shelves, hydraulic leg lifts, top and bottom blinds, acrylic catch basin and top hood with fans.

The MIB-90™ and MIB-100™ can also be ordered with a digital intensity control (“D”) and the Light Curtain (“LC”) options. The digital intensity control allows the user to select the light intensity level in the inspection volume by simply entering the value on the operator interface. This is useful when multiple products require different light intensity levels for their inspection. The Light Curtain option initiates the inspection pacer sequence when the product is positioned within the inspection volume. If the inspector extracts the product from the inspection volume prematurely the inspection sequence is halted and must be restarted to ensure proper inspection duration.

MIB-100™ shown with Corian© curved armrest, stainless steel side shelves, top hood and hydraulic leg lift options

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