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Phoenix Imaging, Ltd. offers a wide selection of Manual Inspection Booths (MIBs). The booths range in size from Table-top to Floor Standing. The entire product line is designed around advanced light controllers with active loop feedback circuitry to ensure that constant light intensity is maintained within the inspection volume. The products are available in single-sided or dual-sided lighting configurations. The advantage of a dual-sided inspection light system is its large inspection volume (6 – 10 Liter1); inside the inspection volume the light intensity varies by ±10%. The light intensity in the inspection volume can be adjusted between 2,000 and 10,000 Lux2.

A comparison of the light intensity maps of a typical single-side inspection light system verses a dual-sided inspection light system illustrates the advantages. In a typical single-sided inspection light system the light intensity decreases rapidly as a function of distance from the inspection lamps. The dual-sided inspection light system as offered by the MIB-100™ produces a uniform intensity profile. The Probability of Rejection (PR) is proportional to the intensity of light inside the inspection volume. A good manual inspection booth requires uniform intensity in order to provide consistent inspection results.

1 – Inspection Volume is model dependent
2 – Light intensity is position and model dependent

All Phoenix Imaging inspection light systems use advanced light controllers with inspection lamp monitoring feedback circuitry to maintain constant luminous flux for the life of the inspection lamps. As the inspection lamps age (both fluorescent and LED), the inspection light system will automatically adjust the current to keep the inspection lamp output at the user specified intensity. The light controllers drive the inspection lamps at 55 KHz to provide “flicker-free” lighting inside the inspection volume.

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